Thursday, June 17, 2010

Introducing: Photographer's Picks

OTTE's super-talented in house photographer Will Anderson has been working with us for only a few months, but he's already found his stride. In addition to taking all our product and lookbook photos, he's always on hand to let us know what pieces he like's best. Oh Will, please let us know what are your favorites from our recent delivery?

Will just loved the Alexander Wang Frida Bootie and the 5 Band Mini from Pleasure Doing Business.

Said he: "I like the shoes as they look mean and topped with the glittery skirt they make a perfect combination. 'I'm fun but don't mess or I'll kick you with my hoofs !'" Did we mention he's English?

He also picked out The Jacquard Sweater from See by Chloe. Will calls this: "Nerd chic at it's finest." How cute!

Thanks, Will!

xo, OTTE

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